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Port Adelaide Library:

Albert (Bert) Alfred Hoare MLC

North side

Name added to memorial ??After 1980 d1962?? He was nominated by the


Albert was born November 22 1874 and married Ida Mary Hancock in 1913. They had 4 sons and four daughters (WHO???).

Albert was a:

  • Shearer for 20 years from 1900 – 1920
  • Member of the Australian Workers Union for 26 years
  • Minute Secretary Port Adelaide Electorate Committee
  • Seconder of first resolution against conscription in Port Adelaide
  • Delegate to the Labor Party Council for ten years
  • Senator from December 16 1922 until he was defeated on June 30 1935
  • Member of the Public Accounts Committee Federal Parliament 1927 – 1931
  • Opposition Whip 1929
  • Senator government Whip 1931 – 1932
  • Opposition Whip 1932 - 1935
  • Secretary of Rosewater Local Committee
  • Laborer at Holden’s 1935 - 1944
  • Member of the Legislative Council from 1944 – 1956 in Central district No 1
  • Regular soapbox orator at Botanic Park, passionate about justice for workers.

Contemporary press clippings:

Ex-shearer upholds men

Albert who had been a shearer 20 years earlier supported the shearers in their fight to guarantee law that shearers shall be provided a decent bed to sleep in instead of any sort of makeshift. Mr. Hoare said when he was a shearer, you slept where you could usually two or three tier bunks. I do not know of any work harder or more unhealthy than shearing and the men should be looked after he said.

Advertiser October 1947