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LOSS TO LABOR MOVEMENT Death of Mr. C. E. Gilchrist By the death of Mr. Charles Edward Gilchrist of Gordon Street, Glanville West the Labor movement in this State has lost a staunch supporter, He was also well known in trade union. circles, having for many years been a member of the Port Adelaide Workingmen's Association, now a branch of the Waterside Workers' Federation. Almost up to the time of his death, which occurred in the Adelaide Hospital yesterday afternoon, he kept in close touch with both the political and industrial wings of the movement. Born in Sunderland. England, 68 years ago Mr. Gilchrist followed a sea career in his youth. Forty-eight years ago he came to South Australia and settled at Wallaroo. Later he came to Port Adelaide, and after serving on ketches trading between Port Adelaide and Yorke's Peninsula he accepted work ashore. For a number of years he was employed at the old smelting works at Port Adelaide. When they were closed down he worked on the wharfs until four years ago, when an accident compelled him, to cease that occupation. He joined the Workingmen's Association in 1903. For 33 years he was a member of the Odd fellows' Lodge. Mr. Gilchrist had for many years been a tyler at the Labor Party council meetings, and was a prominent and popular veteran member of the party. At State, Federal and municipal elections he always rendered his party valuable service. His wife although 79 years of age is an active canvasser for the party. The remains of Mr. Gilchrist were interred in the Cheltenham Cemetery this afternoon.

November 10 1926 The News