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Port Adelaide Library:

George James Connell

South Side

Name added to memorial 1918

He was nominated by the Working Men’s Association

Contemporary press clippings:


This week we give our readers a portrait of Mr. Geo. J. Connell, one of our hardest workers at Port Adelaide in connection with unionism and the United Labor Party. Mr. Connell was born in Ireland in 1847, where his father was a schoolmaster. He was educated partly by his father, and afterwards at the Home and Colonial School, Gray's Inn Road, London.

After leaving school he obtained a clerkship in the Railway Clearing House. He remained for about twelve months, and then exchanged the counting house for the foc'sle, binding himself apprentice in a vessel trading up the Mediterranean and other seas. Mr.Connell visited many parts of the world, and eventually came to Queensland, where he, with others, left his vessel, and later on entered the costal trade, in which service he remained for many years.

He was employed on the Black Diamond line trading between Newcastle and Wallaroo for some six or seven years, and ultimately settled in the Port Adelaide district.

Mr. Connell joined the Seamen's Union soon after its inception, and later on became a member of the Working Men's Association also. He has represented the latter society several, times on the United Labor Party, the Eight Hours Demonstration Committee, and the P. A. Trades and Labor Council. He has been twice returned as auditor for the Rosewater District Council, in which district he resides. He is also the energetic secretary of the Rosewater District Committee. We wish Mr. Connell continued health and vigor, and trust that he may be long spared to carry on the work which he has so much at heart.

The Herald March 25 1899