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Contemporary press clippings:

Mr. G. Dean.

Mr. George Dean (President of the Port Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers died on Monday at his residence, Semaphore. The deceased arrived at Port Adelaide from the old country in 1875, and had taken a leading part in engineering matters. Among the principal positions he had held was foreman of the late Mr. R. Lindsay's engineering department. Subsequently he was employed as engineer in various coasting boats, including the Kangaroo and Emu. On retiring from sea life he was appointed foreman in the Etna ironworks, Port Adelaide. Later he returned to York, England, in which town he had formerly served his apprenticeship, and there joined the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in April, 1871. Returning to Australia again, he joined the naval forces, and went to China in H M.A.S. Protector as a member of the engineering staff. Soon after his return from China he was superannuated. He was formerly Secretary of the local district-committee of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, a position he filled with honour to himself and benefit to his fellow-members. Subsequently he was elected President of the body. His death will leave a vacancy in the society's ranks which it will be difficult to fill.

March 30 1912 the Observer