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Name added to memorial 1918

He was nominated by the Working Men’s Association

Contemporary press clippings:

In Memoriam.

That Adelaide and Port Adelaide recognise the public loss sustained in the sudden death of Mr. George Duffield, late secretary of the Port branch of the United Labor Party, was attested by the lengthy procession which attended his remains on Sunday last, and by the immense assemblage of people—between two and three thousand—who gathered at the Woodville Cemetery to pay their last tribute of respect to a man of whom it may assuredly be said that few have done more in the general interests of the workers, and for improving the conditions of the masses of the people.

It was with a feeling little short of consternation that his fellow-workers everywhere received the news of his death on Friday morning, and it became known that their old and staunch friend, who for so many years had identified himself with Labor interests, both local and general, had passed away at his residence, Birkenhead Ward, Port Adelaide, after only a few days' illness, death being due to inflammation of the lungs and pleurisy. June 16 1900 The Herald

He died suddenly on June 8 1900. “At the news of his death steps were taken to ensure all those connected with him through his associations and societies as well as those he had endeared himself by his unassuming disposition and readiness at all times to render every help in his power to their suffering”. His funeral was one of the largest at that time with a gathering of people following the hearse from his home at Birkenhead, led by John Lambert, President of the Port Adelaide Working Men’s Association through Glanville, over the Jervois Bridge and in to Port Adelaide. It is said when the hearse arrived at the Black Diamond Corner the last vehicles were passing LeFevre Primary School a distance of at least one mile. There were approximately 3000 people at the Woodville (Cheltenham) Cemetery to pay their last respects.

Many people stated “he was a man of great character and a champion of the interests of the worker”

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