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Obituary Port Adelaide News 24/12/1916 ??

The Workers Memorial was initially put forward by the Port Adelaide Electorate Committee of the United Labor Party to honour Hugh Arbuthnot Garland, a noted battler for Labor’s cause and a member of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, but later it was decided to honour many more departed Labor members.


Mr. Hugh Arbuthnot Garland died at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr F. Hook, Semaphore, on Sunday. He was born at Caimton, Scotland, in 1847, and was educated at the Glasgow University.

Subsequently he entered the engineering profession, and gained the highest certificates of a first-class' marine engineer. After his arrival in South Australia Mr. Garland was employed on the Government dredgers. Later on he went into business for himself. He was a prominent member of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers since 1888, and was also closely associated with the Institute of Marine Engineers. He was a strong Labor supporter.

Mr. John Garland, barrister, of Sydney, is a nephew. Mr. Garland left a widow and two children Lieutenant H. Gordan Garland, D.C.M., and Miss Vera Garland. The Rev. A. W. Gordon, now a member of the A.I. F. Sir. Frank Gordon, and Mrs. F. Hook, Mrs. R. Rose, of Semaphore, and Mrs. Roy Ward, of Western Australia, are stepchildren.

Mr. Garland was one of the earliest workers for the establishment of "The Daily Herald," and few men did more for the capitalisation of the paper. Since its first publication he has endeavoured in every way to promote its interests. He attended the meeting of shareholders last week and paid keen attention to all matters considered. He will be much missed from Labor circles where his advice has always proved sound, owing to his intimate acquaintance with the problems to be solved.

Daily Herald December 27 1916