Ivor MacGillivray

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Ivor MacGillivray
Born 24 May 1840
Lossiemouth, Morayshire, Scotland
Died 16 January 1939
Monuments Listed, Workers' Memorial
Organization United Trades and Labor Council



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Contemporary press clippings:

TROVE: The Register Saturday 13 March 1915 p12

MR. MACGILLIVRAY, M.P. (Port Adelaide).
Mr. Ivor MacGillivray was born at Lossiemouth, Morayshire, Scotland, on May 24, 1840, and after visiting Victoria, New Zea and, and Western Australia, arrived at Port Adelaide in 1875. In February, 1887, when working men were gazetted justices of the peace, he was one of the first four to receive that honour. He was a prime mover in the formation of the Maritime Labour Council in 1886, and when it was absorbed in the larger and more representative District Trades and Labour Council he was chosen President of the body. He was first returned to Parliament in 1893 as a representative for Port Adelaide, and has since continued in that capacity.