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Name added to memorial 2003

He was nominated by the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union

Jim was born June 21 1913 in Paddington (Rosewater) South Australia.

His achievements include:

  • Secretary, South Australian Plasterers Society 1945-62
  • Commissioner, South Australian Board of Industry 1960-62
  • Federal President, Plasterers Society 1968-71
  • Secretary, Operative Plasterers and Plaster Workers Federation (Now part of CFMEU).
  • Senator, from 1.7.1962 - 30.6.1981 (retired) in Whitlam’s Labor Ministry
  • Minister for Works from 1972-73
  • Minister Aboriginal Affairs from 1973-75
  • Minister Police and customs from 1975
  • Acting Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation 1973.
  • Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies 1976-77
  • Served on the Standing Committee for Standing Orders from 1964-72
  • Regulations and Ordinances from 1967-73and 1976
  • Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee in 1978
  • Container Method of Handling Cargos Committee from 1967-68
  • Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse Committee 1970-71
  • New and Permanent Parliament House 1965-66,
  • Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory 1976-7
  • Parliamentary Delegation to South East Asia 1964
  • Commonwealth Parliamentary Delegate to the Constitutional Convention 1976

James was persistent and spontaneous when it came to getting things done

A State Funeral was held for James Cavanagh, conducted by Gough Whitlam

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