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Port Adelaide Library:

John Appelby
b Orkney d Port Pirie 1884
Name added to the south side of the Workers' Memorial in 1918
Nominated by the Working Men’s Association

John Appelby was born on Orkney Island c1825 (father William, mother Jane Guthrie) and married Elizabeth Slater (died August 31 1906) on March 24 1853 at the residence of William Campbell, Old Port road.

John’s occupations included farmer, general dealer, storekeeper and carter.

He and Charles Hains Senior were founding members of the Working Men’s Association in the 1870’s, wanting to improve working men’s pay and conditions. In the early 1870’s they called a meeting of working men, merchants, captains, agents and business owners, but only workers attended. The workers unanimously resolved to form a Working Men’s Association, where members paid 3d per week out of their earnings to form a workers investment in Port Adelaide, to fight for “a fair pay for a fair days work”

John served as:

  • The Working Men’s Association member for the Odd Fellows Lodge in 1874
  • Duke of York Lodge 1873
  • In 1873, 1876, 1878 he was Chairman of the Working Men’s Association.
  • Councillor for the Town of Port Adelaide from 1874-76 – West Ward.

Contemporary press clippings: