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Brooks, John George

Name added to the east side of the Workers Memorial in 1918
He was nominated by the Port Adelaide Drivers Union

John George b. Queenstown 29/5/1867 died Queenstown died 24/4/1916

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES. The quarterly finance meeting of the Northern Star Tent, Albert District, I.O.R., was held in the tent room, Rechabite Hall, Portland Estate, on Monday, when the following officers were installed by P C R, F. Weaver:—C.E., E. W. H. Johnson; D.R.. J. G. Brooks; secretary South Australian Advertiser Wednesday 4 July 1888

PORT ADELAIDE FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' DEMONSTRATION. A grand demonstration and athletic sports meeting in connection with the friendly societies of Port Adelaide was held on the Alberton Oval on Easter Monday and proved, though to a certain extent an innovation, a success. In past years it has been customary for the Independent Order of Oddfellows to have a picnic as a separate order during Easter; but the managing committee, deeming wisely that union is strength, determined on a united demonstration this year, and it is proposed to make it an annual affair, the proceeds accruing from the sports to be used towards defraying the expenses of a recreation ground for the Port friendly societies. The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows is the oldest lodge in the Port, and is both numerically and financially the strongest having a membership of 680; Court Concord, A.O.F., ranking second with 528 members The Court Australia's Pride, A O.F., has a total membership of 340 members ; the Loyd Peninsula, 140 ; and the Juvenile Concord's Pride, A.O F., 104. The Duke of Portland and the Duke of York, G U.0.F., and the Hibernians, have also a good percentage of members. The men turned out in regalia, and when they formed in processional order with their banners and bands the scene was striking. The line of march was up Ship street down St Vincent street, traversed Commercial road, and thence to the oval. Victoria Lodge, Accorn Lodge, U. A O.D. Messrs. J. Bennett P.A;; J. G. Brooks, Tuesday 3 April 1888

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES. The quarterly finance meeting of the Northern Star Tent No. 1, LO.O F., Albert district, was held at the Rechabite Hall, Portland Estate, on Monday evening. The C. R. (Bro. J. G. Brooks) presided over a good attendance. April 11 1889 The Advertiser

The officers of No. 1 Tent, Independent Order of Rechabites, Port Adelaide, having decided to give the juvenile members of Tent No. 13 a picnic, the members, accompanied by their friends and members of the adult tent, and officers and members of the female tents, to the number of between 250 and 300, left their hall on Monday morning for the grounds of Mr. Henry South, Modbury, who very kindly placed them at the disposal of the officers for the occasion.

On arrival at the grounds the usual out-door games were engaged in by the young, whilst tbe older people made themselves comfortable under tbe trees that are scattered along the banks of the creek. A merry-go-round kindly lent by Bro. Headey, of Albert Tent, was kept going all day. Also swings, cricket, football, &c. After dinner a programme of races were run off. Bro. J. Williams acting as handicapper and starter, Bros. Clancy, Cogins. and S. C. Smith as judges, assisted by Bros, F. H. Haynes, J. G Brooks, A. Lewis and R. H. Smith (general secretary), who all worked hard to make the picnic a success.

After tea had been partaken of, three cheers were given for Mr. and Mrs South, the ladies, and all who had given assistance, and a start was made for home, the Port being reached without accident and everyone having spent a very enjoyable day. Novbember 14 1889 The Advertiser

The quarterly meeting of the Acorn Lodge, U.A 0.D., was held at the Duke of Wellington Hotel, Port Adelaide, on Wednesday, P.A. Bawden presiding. The investiture of P. A J. G. Brooks and P. A. J. B Simon, with P. A. Regalia was performed by G.V.P. Bro, L Cohen. M P. Friday 21 February 1890

The choir, led by Mr. J. G. Brooks, rendered excellent service; Mrs Brooks presided at the organ. Proceeds, £30. 1890

TRADES SOCIETIES. The Operative Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Galvanized Ironworkers' Society met at Selborne Hotel on Wednesday, September 21. Mr. J. G. Brooks presided over a very good attendance. Two new members were proposed. The delegates to the Building and Trades and Labor Councils and the delegates to the Building Federation reported progress. Friday 23 September 1892

1893 member of the Plumbers Society – delegate to Trades and Labour Council

ORANGEISM. Jonadab Lodge. No. 15. — The monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on Monday, February 10, in the Lodgeroom, Semaphore road. The W.M. Brother J. G. Brooks occupied the chair. The R W G M., Brother R. C. Bray, having been announced, was received in proper form. Brother Brooks handed the gavel to the Grand Master, who then declared all offices vacant…. February 14 1896 SA Register

1895- 1896 officer for the Loyal Albion Lodge No 4

On his retirement from office of Loyal Albion Lodge No 4, P. G. J. G. Brooks was the recipient of a handsomely framed emblem of the Order. P.G. George Sharp, in making the presentation on behalf of tbe Lodge referred in terms of praise to P. G. J. G. Brooks, and to the satisfactory manner in which he had discharged the duties of his office. P. G. J. G. Brooks suitably replied. December 11 1897 SA Register

1898 Committee Loyal Albion Lodge

Chairman of the United Labour Party 1899

Port Adelaide Orpheus Society 1902

Minute Steward 1902 Northern Star Tent

PRIDE OF NORTHERN STAR, TENT NO. 21 December 28, Public Holiday. J. G. BROOKS, Secretary. 1908




RECHABITISM. The Pride of the Northern Star Tent, No 21 Female Branch, I.O.R., held a social in the Rechabite Hall, Portland, on Thursday evening to say good-bye to Bro. J. G Brooks, who has relinquished the position of tent secretary after 21 years of service, on account of leaving the district. There was a large attendance. Bro., J. G. Brooks was handed a marble clock by Past District Juvenile Superintendent Bro. R. C. Smith, who testified to the enthusiastic work Mr. Brooks had performed since the inception of the tent. In acknowledging the gift Mr. Brooks mentioned that during the last two years 60 members had joined. A musical programme was provided by Miss J. Ashwood and Messrs. W. H. and J. F. Mack, C Burch, J. Cutt, and J. G. Brooks. Refreshments were provided by the ladies, and an enjoyable evening was spent. Bro. R. C Smith acted as M.C. and Bro. J. F. Mark as pianist. Saturday 4 September 1909

AMBULANCE DEMONSTATION In the Port Adelaide Town Hall on Wednesday evening a demonstration was held to mark the inauguration of tbe system of ambulance suggested by the Mayor (Mr. J. H. Clouston), and consummated by a representative committee of the medical, shipping, and labour interests. The Mayor, who presided over a good attendance, gave a short retrospect of the work entailed in bringing the movement to a successful issue. In 1911, when he was elected, he went into the question of bringing the scheme, which had previously been considered and abandoned, to fulfilment. In December, 1911, he had interviewed Mr. Connor, and had obtained from him valuable information. In 1912 the Port Adelaide Trades and Labour Council deputed five of their number to co-operate with the local council in forming a foundation committee. When that was achieved the local medical men were approached, and they suggested a system of hand ambulances. To secure these £460 was required. The committee had worked hard and well. Of the money collected local societies, had contributed £108. (Hear, hear.) Thirteen ambulance litters were built from plans approved by the medical men, and medicine chests, containing books of instruction and necessary items for the treatment of sufferers had been secured. Mr. J. E. Stephens (Secretary) presented a balance sheet.

Mr. H. D. Gell (President of the St. John Ambulance Association) presented certificates to the following successful candidates:— Messrs. T Arthur, J. G. Brooks, , J. E. Stephens, September 24 1914 The Register

BROOKS.-THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. JOHN GEORGE BROOKS are respectfully informed that his Remains will be Removed from his late residence, High-street, Queenstown, on TUESDAY at 4.30 p.m., for interment in the Woodville Cemetery. F W MOORE. Undertaker.

BROOKS. GLANVILLE METHODIST SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS and OFFICERS and MEMBERS of CHURCH CHOIR are requested to MEET at the residence of the late Mr. J. G. Brooks, High-street Queenstown, on TUESDAY, at 4.15 p.m., to follow his Remains to the Woodville Cemetery. F. R. FEE. Secretary

NORTHERN STAR TENT. No.1, A.D., I.O.R. Members of the above Tent and Order are requested to meet at the Hall on TUESDAY 25th April, at 4.15 p.m., to attend the Funeral of our late BRO. J. G. BROOKS. P.C.R. T. H. HAYNES. Secretary.

ACORN LODGE, U.A.O.D, No. 20. Members are requested to meet at the residence of the late P.A., BRO. J. BROOKS, High-street, Queenstown, at 430 on TUESDAY, to Follow his Remains to the Woodviile Cemetery. _G. E. ACRES. Secretary. April 25 1916 the Advertiser

Mr. John George Brooks, who died at his residence, High-street, Queenstown, recently, was born at Port Adelaide 48 years ago and lived in that district practically all his life. He was for 12 years in the employ of Messrs. H. Grave. & Co. and 14 years with Messrs. Smith, Channon, and Co. At the time of his death he was in the employ of Messrs. Mcilwraith. McEacharn, & Co. He was well known as a temperance advocate and was a member of the Glanville Methodist Church Choir. Mr Brooks was a Past Chief Ruler of the Rechabites and a Past Arch in the Druids' Lodge. He was also a past president of the Port Adelaide Drivers Union and was secretary to the Drivers Union First Aid Class. A widow, three sons, four daughters, and one grandchild are left. May 6 1916 The Advertiser

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