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Name added to memorial 1918

He was nominated by the Amalgamated Society of Engineers

J B Clayton served as Union Secretary for the Amalgamated Society of Engineers.

Contemporary press clippings:

Mr. John Bell Clayton, whose death was reported in "The Daily Herald' yesterday, was a well-known unionist, having been associated with the eight hours movement ever since his arrival in the State over 40 years ago. For many years he was the secretary of the Port Adelaide branch of the Amalgamated Engineers' Society, having been succeeded on his retirement several years ago by the present secretary (Mr. J. J. Crowe). Mr Clayton, who was born in Lancaster in 1837, came from there to Melbourne, but did not remain long in the Victorian, capital. He then came to Port Adelaide, where he worked at the engineering trade, and also worked at Port Pirie. When demonstrations were held at Port Adelaide on Eight Hours Day Mr. Clayton, with that veteran Mr. H. J. Pudney, of Port Adelaide, always took an active part, besides associating himself with the Adelaide celebrations every year.

Daily Herald November 10 1915