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Name added to memorial 1934

She was nominated by the Port Adelaide Workers Memorial Committee

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Everyone Was Happy


Few women of her age, it is claimed, have done more for the Labor movement in South Australia than Mrs. Mary Ann Gilchrist, of Gordon Street, Glanville West. She celebrated her eightieth birth day in January. Mrs. Gilchrist was born in Lincolnshire (England), but has been in South Australia for 79 years. The voyage from Plymouth in the sailing ship Agincourt occupied four months.

Among the passengers were Mrs. M. Giles, of Minlaton, who is 80 years of age, and Mr. Robert Hall, a gold miner, of Echunga, who will be 84 years of age in July.

Girls Worked on Farms

After arrival Mrs. Gilchrist lived near Mitcham with her parents. Subsequently she lived at Willunga and Dairy Flat, about six miles from Yankalilla South. She proceeded to the farm in a bullock dray in 1854, and when 11 years old her parents moved to another farm two miles from Yankalilla. 'I think those were the happiest days this country has ever seen,' she declared.” Then girls had to work on the farms as well as boys. I assisted on ours for many years. There is a great difference in the living now. People had small holdings, and would assist one another. It did not cost much to live. If a bullock were killed it was shared among the neighbours. "We grew our own vegetables, and sent our wheat to the mill for gristing. Flour was returned with bran and pollard. We cured our bacon, but had to go about four miles for groceries. The happiest part of those days was the absence of taxes.

Still Does Housework

Mrs. Gilchrist attended the recent Back to Yankalilla celebrations. She went to school there when six years of age, and recalls that the late Mr. Charles Lee was headmaster at that time. When on Yorke Peninsula she married Mr. C. E. Gilchrist. who has since died. For the past 35 years she has lived at Glanville West. For a quarter of a century she has been a most active worker for the Labor movement.

Mrs. Gilchrist has three sons-Messrs. W. H. (Western Australia), E. C. (Enfield), and O. Gilchrist (Glanville) and one daughter, Mrs. A. E. Warn, of Queenstown. She still does her house and needle work. March 2 1929 The News Mary Ann was involved in the Unemployed Girls Association. She died aged 84 years on December 9 1933. Workers Memorial Monument—The Port Adelaide City Council agreed last night to a recommendation of the Port Adelaide Workers' Memorial Committee that the name of the late Mrs. M. A. Gilchrist, of Ethelton should be placed on the Workers' Memorial Monument.