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Port Adelaide Library:

Robert Higgie

East Side

Name added to memorial 1918

He was nominated by the Australian Meat Industries Employees

Robert was born in Scotland in 1874 and arrived in South Australia in 1887 aged 13. Robert married Elizabeth Hill and they had two children, Irene and David. He died in 1916 aged 42.

Robert first worked at an Alberton bakery before starting his own produce round with his brother before World War I in Alberton selling milk, eggs and butter door to door.

Contemporary press clippings:


At the annual meeting of the South Australian branch of the Federated Meat Industry Employes' Association, at the Trades Hall, at which Mr. R. Higgie presided, the following officers were elected:-; trustees, Messrs. R. Higgie, delegates to the Conference in Queensland, Messrs. J. O'Leary and T. Wilkinson; delegates to the United Labor Party T. Wilkinson.

The annual report, which was presented by the secretary (the Hon. A. W. Styles, M.L.C), showed that there had been an increase in membership during the year, and also from the shops and factories there was a betterment in their financial position. The only decrease was in connection with the Produce Department at Port Adelaide, which was due to the poor season. The auditors in 'presenting their report had referred to the fact, and had pointed out that had it been an ordinary season the past year would have shown a substantial increase in the figures of the organisation.

A communication was received from the slaughtermen of New Zealand in regard to their industrial trouble, and it was referred to a special committee, with power to act. The secretary reported, that the ticket system, which had been in operation for twelve months, had proved a great success, particularly as applied to local branches established in country places.

In recognition of exceptionally good work done by officials in the country in the -past twelve months, it was decided to present diplomas to each of those controlling a country branch.


Mr. W. J. Dunstan left for "Sydney by the express on Friday to attend Saturday 18 January 1913


The FRIENDS of the late Mr. ROBERT HIGGIE are informed that his Remains will be removed from his late residence. First-avenue, Cheltenham, on SATURDAY, at 1.15 pm., for interment in the Woodville Cemetery.

J. C. HADDY & Son, Undertakers

The Advertiser Saturday 8 April 1916