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Stewart James Brodie

b FEbruary 20 1890 Eastwood d April 28 1915 Portland
Name added to the east side of the Workers Memorial in 1918
He was nominated by the Port Adelaide Drivers Union

Stewart James Brodie was born in Eastwood on February 20 1890 to John and Elizabeth Brodie (nee Spencer). He died at Portland on April 28 1915 aged 25.

TRADE PICNICS. The employees, of Mallyon, Limited, held their third annual picnic at the Levels on New Year's Day. Eight well filled trollies left Lipson street for the grounds, where, an enjoyable day was spent. Officials:- (chairman,, T. Arthur, secretary; S. J. Brodie, treasurer; 1913

TRADE PICNIC. The employees of Mallyon's, limited, held their fourth annual picnic on New Year's Day, at Fulham Park Estate, the grounds being lent by Mr. S. Kidman. Eight of the firm's trollies conveyed the party to the grounds. Toys and lollies were given to the children. Several of the events were closely contested. A cricket match was played in the afternoon, and everyone present spoke well of the day's outing. The officials were; treasurer, Mr. S. J. Brodie: Secretary, Mr. T. Arthur:

HORSES IN ACTION. DISPLAY AT ALBERTON OVAL. A horses-in Action and sports gathering, promoted by the Port Adelaide Drivers Union, was held at the Alberton Oval on Saturday afternoon. It was the first time in the history of the seaport that such an ambitious programme was presented, and though the attendance did not aggregate much over 1,000 the success achieved should encourage the promoters to repeat the show next, year. On the whole, the exhibition was an excellent one, but considerable time was wasted, and the program instead of being completed at 5.30, was not finally dealt with, until an hour later. The majority of spectators had then left the oval. Large entries were received for most of the horses-in-action events. The officers were: Patron, the Mayor (Mr. J. H. Clouston): committee, Messrs. T. Arthur (president), H. G. Barnes, A. Craib, T, Carter, S. Brodie. E. Thomas; secretary, Mr. J. E. Stephens; assistant secretary.

ACORN LODGE, No. 20. BROTHERS of the above Lodge and Order, are requested to MEET at the late Residence of our late Bro. S. J. BRODIE, Langham-place, Portland Estate, to follow his Remains to the Woodville Cemetery, on THURSDAY, at 2.45 p.m. T. H. COOPER, Secretary

BRODIE.-THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. STEWART JAMES BRODIE are respectfully informed that his Remains will he removed from his late residence, "Langham Villa”, Langham place. Portland, on THURSDAY, at 3 p.m. for interment in the Woodville Cemetery. F. R. MOORE & SON. Undertakers, 1915

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