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Name added to memorial 1918

He was nominated by the Millers, Engine Drivers and Mill Employees

Thomas Henry was born at Portland Estate on November 7 1865 and educated at Allan Martins Port Adelaide Grammar School

Thomas Henry was • Union Secretary for the Millers, Engine Drivers and Mill Employees in 1890 • He had an active interest in municipal matters as well as supporting Friendly Societies.

He was elected Councillor for the Rosatala Ward in 1899, representing the Ward during and its amalgamation with the City of Port Adelaide in 1900, and after until 1902.

Contemporary press clippings:



On Sunday afternoon a memorial service was held in honor of the late Mr. Thomas Henry Cooper, of Yatala, by the Rev. M. Williams, B.A., in St. Paul's Church, Port Adelaide, of which Mr. Cooper was a member. The invitations to the service were sent, out by the Acorn Lodge, A.O. D. in which their late comrade held the position of secretary for many years. There was a large number of friends, relatives, and members pre sent. Rev. Williams took for his sermon the words:-"Their works do follow them." He referred to the life of their dead friend, and said that in his boyhood days he was noted for his good fellow ship. As an employee he worked for one firm for nearly the whole of his life, which proved him to be a faithful servant. He shortened his life by endeavouring to help others. Many a man in Port Adelaide had reason to thank their late friends for his kindness and good ness, and he had saved many from financial chaos by his help and advice. He was a man who would be remembered in many homes. A man such as this man was, left the world far better when he was called home than what it was when he entered it. It was not until after a man had entered the grave that his works were fully realised. Surely it could be said about their departed comrade that "his good works do follow him."

Daily Herald October 5 1915

He was a member of the Port Adelaide Mark Lodge No 5, Acorn Lodge No 20, Lodge of Unity No 7, Duke of Portland Lodge No 1517 and Court Australias Pride No 2308.

August 31 1915