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Contemporary press clippings:

Government Workers' Meeting Officers elected at the annual meeting of Workers' Association on Thursday night Mr. T. C. Duffield; minute secretary. Saturday 19 July 1941

His eldest son Thomas George was a Councillor for the City of Port Adelaide from 1952-1960 while his fourth son Clarence William won the Military Medal in WWII

Secretary of the Port Adelaide Labor Party when it first began Thursday 14 October 1937

DUFFIELD.-The Friends of the late Mr. THOMAS CHARLES DUFFIELD Late S.A. Harbors Board) and Members of Court Concord. A.O.F. No. 2827. are respectfully informed that his Funeral will Leave his late Residence, No. 34 Coburg road. Alberton, on SUNDAY at L.30 p.m. for the Salvation Army Hall, Dale street, Port Adelaide, for short service, thence at 4 p.m. for the Cheltenham Cemetery. SIDNEY HARRISON. Undertaker.

GOVERNMENT WORKERS' ASSOCIATION.-All Members are requested to Meet at the Cheltenham Cemetery at 3.30 p.m. TOMORROW, Sunday, to pay our last respects to the late Brother Tommy Duffield. The News November 20 1943