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Thomas Romeous? GRIFFIN

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Contemporary press clippings:


The Port Adelaide agent of the Federated Marine Cooks. Bakers, and Butchers' Association (Mr. T. R. Griffin) stated on Wednesday that although there were no cooks out of employment generally in the port, it was expected that 13 would be avail able for work when the crew of the steamer Paringa was paid off this week.

Thursday 4 July 1929 Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931)


The secretary of the Marine Cooks and Stewards' Association (.Mr. T. R. Griffin) said yesterday that although steamship owners had declined to give seamen a guarantee of re-employment if they adopted a rationing plan of one month off in six, ships' cooks were already working under such a scheme. A number of unemployed ships' cooks at Port Adelaide had "secured two or three months' work under this system. After being off duty for a month, the cooks resumed their position under an agreement with the Commonwealth Steamship Owners' Federation. The scheme was operating on interstate and coastal vessels of the Adelaide Steamship Company.

The owners have taken a different attitude on the rationing of seamen however, because of the greater difficully in arranging the crews.

Saturday 3 June 1933, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954)

Saturday 9 June 1934 The Advertiser


A fortnight's provisions has been sent to the stranded 4,500-ton freighter Dundula in preparation for a long wait while the dispute over rates of pay for tug crews is being settled.

CAPTAIN H. J. M. Phoenix, Port Adelaide superintendent and manager of the Adelaide Steamship Co., announced today that this step had been taken. The Dundula, which had anchored about four miles from Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, because of a defect in its steering system, had a complement of about 40 he said. When two tugs were sought on Thursday to go to the vessel's assistance, full crews were not available.

Mr. T. R. Griffin for the Cooks and Stewards Union

Saturday 23 August 1947 The Mail

IN accord with Federal Rule 21 I declare the under mentioned members of the Transport Workers' Union elected to the following positions on the Management Committee and Federal Council. President: H. Gardiner. Vice-presidents: T. R. Griffin and J. E. Bursill.

Trustees: E. Bean, V. Taylor and V. Heffernan. Committee: A. E. Forbes. W. Hoist. J. Pearce, R. O. Hoffman and W. King. Federal Council Delegates: G. B. Fisher and J. E. Bursill. - THOMAS J. KEOGH. ? Returning Officer.

Friday 21 December 1951 The Advertiser