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Thomas Henry Carmody

Name added to east side of the Workers Memorial between D1951 and 87
He was nominated by the

Thomas Henry was president of the Port Adelaide Labour Day Committee in 1945

Ceremony At Port Adelaide: At Port Adelaide a wreath was placed on the Workers’ Memorial outside the police station by Mr. F. F. Ward, a former secretary of the State ALP for many years. Mr. Ward said that he understood that the memorial was the only one of its kind in the world. He reminded the gathering that "the unity of Labor is the hope of the world." Since last year the names of the late Mr. H. J. Cartwright and the late Mrs A. L. Ivett had been added to the memorial. Among those present at the ceremony were Messrs. Thompson and Stephens MP’s, the Mayor of Port Adelaide (Mr. W. H. Gilbert). Alderman L. H. Gilbert. Councillors H. L. Tapping and G. Bowden the president of the Port Adelaide Trades and Labor Council (Mr. A. Miranda), the president of the Port Adelaide electorate of the ALP (Mr. J. S. Verran), and the president of the Port Labor Day Celebration Committee (Mr. T. H. Carmody). The Advertiser Tuesday 9 October 1945

A.L.P. To Choose Semaphore Candidate A special meeting of the ALP Council will be called to select the ALP candidate to contest the Semaphore by-election, following the resignation of the sitting member, Mr. Thompson, who is the ALP candidate for Hindmarsh at the Federal election. This was decided at a meeting of the council last night Those who will go to the ballot at the council meeting are Messrs. T. H. Carmody. G. D. Coffey, C. G. Evans. L. H. Gilbert, J. N. Marsh, A. H. Sellers, H. L. Tapping and J. R. Whitfield. The State president Mr. K. E. Bardolph MLC) was in the chair. The Advertiser Friday 9 August 1946

Councillor West Ward T. H. Carmody. A. C. Samuels. Monday 6 May 1946, also Monday 10 May 1948

Semaphore A.L.P.—The following officers of the Semaphore ALP electorate committee have been elected:—President, Mr. T. H. Carmody: vice presidents. Messrs. G. Mason and A. Leo: auditors. Senator F. F. Ward, Mr. E. P. Nazer; secretary, Mr. Tapping, MP: assistant secretary. Mr. G. Hancock. The Advertiser Saturday 18 September 1948

LABOR DAY COMMITTEE The annual meeting of the Port Adelaide Labor Day Committee in Port Adelaide Town Hall elected the following officers for the ensuing year:— President, Mr. P. Day; vice presidents, Messrs. E. K. Palmer and W. Gladwell; Hon. Secretary, Mr. T. H. Carmody; assistant secretary. Mr B. Findlay. The Advertiser Saturday 7 July 1951

Died November 23 1951 CARMODY. — PORT ADELAIDE LABOR DAY CELEBRATIONS COMMTTTEE. — Members are advised that the Funeral of their late secretary THOMAS HENRY (Tom) CARMODY) will leave his late residence, 25 Ashbourne Avenue. Mitcham. THIS DAY (Monday). At 11 a.m. for the Catholic section, Centennial Park Cemetery R. FINDLAY. Assistant Secretary. The Advertiser Monday 26 November 1951

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